Best leave in conditioner for natural hair

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Have you ever thought of leaving the conditioner in your hair after shampoo or maybe doing the hairstyles with the help of conditioner?

Yes, you can leave conditioner on your head after bath, we call it leave in conditioner for natural hair which does not do any harm to your hair while you leave it in your hair and rinse it off in the next wash. This is basically a conditioner for extra deep conditioning for your hair so that your hair gets the extra softness and moisture as it attracts the extra moisture into your hair and makes it strong and flexible.

Leave in conditioner for natural hair
Leave in conditioner for natural hair


Why should you choose leave in conditioner over normal conditioner?

As both types of conditioner are used to moisture our hair which gives us a silky and smooth hair. Now you are thinking that why should you go with the leave-in conditioner? What is the purpose and what is the difference? So here I will tell you why you should choose leave-in conditioner.

  • Normal conditioner has to be rinsed out of your hair after keeping it for 3-5 minutes, while with leave-in conditioner there is no need to wash it off immediately after applying. You can rinse it in the next wash.
  • The other difference is of ingredients used in these conditioners.

Normal or rinse out conditioners are made of heavy ingredients like fatty acid, silicons, proteins, plant oils. Fatty and higher molecular weight silicons which make them thicker. They coat the hair surface and do penetrative deep conditioning.

Leave in conditioner is thinner and diluted one. They are based on unsaturated fats and oils which actually make them lighter. Leave in conditioners are chemically not as hard as normal conditioners. They do not have the same ingredients found in the normal conditioners, they weigh the hair down so they are much lighter. This is the reason you can leave it on our hair for a significant time and even wash it after few days.

  • Due to time we leave conditioner in our hair, leave-in conditioner will protect your hair from external environment whereas rinse conditioner does not give a long lasting protection from an external environment.

I hope now you have enough information about the leave-in conditioner, so keeping that information in mind let’s round up with the available and favorite leave-in conditioner for natural hair which makes them soft and moisturized.


Five great leave-in conditioners for natural hair

  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk

Shea Moisture is the brand used by most of the women having curls, waves, knots. It keeps your tightly curled and kinky hair moisturized all day. This is the best conditioner for the African American women with natural hair.

This product is rich in fatty acid which nourishes your scalp and hydrated. Its application also makes your hair healthy and shiny. Additionally, the coconut oil and hibiscus flower give it a magnificent scent to it. Shea butter in the style milk makes your hair extremely soft and wonderful. You can use it daily on the damped hair after a shower. Details Here


  • Kinky Curly Knot Best Leave-in Conditioner for Natural Curly Hair

Old is gold. I hope you got it. This is the brand from so many years and used by our mother and grandmothers. This is the conditioner which works on all type of hair from thick (3c to 4c) to fine hair. So there is no doubt about this brand Kinky Curly. Go and buy it. If you really want to work on the knots and kinks, this is best leave-in conditioner for you. Apply it on your damped and combed hair and you can see no more kinks. Buy Here


  • As I Am Leave-In Conditioner

This is the perfect leave-in conditioner for styling as it keeps the tangle away. It also contains the organic strengthening agent and natural ingredients which helps in hair growth. It seals the cuticle layer and eases wet combing. Be ready for the style with As I am Leave-in conditioner. It consists of natural ingredients like fruit extract, water, beetroot extract, glycerine, lemon peel extract, coconut fruit powder and much more.


  • Just nutritive leave-in conditioner

This leave-in conditioner is purely natural and crafted with the best natural products and hair and scalp going to love this.  Natural ingredients like Rose, Meadowfoam, Babassu, plus extracts to deliver beneficial vitamins, minerals and proteins for lasting, beautiful, and naturally healthy-looking hair.

It helps strengthen and detangle your hair. So this leave-in conditioner is free from chemicals, artificial fragrance and purely natural. You can use it for deep conditioning and styling. Buy here


Black Vanilla (Moisture and Shine) Leave-In Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner of Carols daughter restores natural moisture and give strength to your hair. The ingredients of this conditioner are wheat protein and Pro vitamin B5 which actually makes your healthier and won’t break them when detangling. It comes in the form of spray which is easy to use on hair and makes your hair smooth and silky. Buy it here

How to use leave-in conditioner?

  1. Rinse your hair with shampoo.
  2. Apply the leave-in conditioner on damped hair.
  3. Apply it in the direction you want to style your hair. Leave-in conditioner can be sprayed on your hair.
  4. Now dry your hair in a natural way or with the blower/dryer.

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