Best ways to stimulate hair growth

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Stimulate Hair Growth and Enhance the Sign of Your Revitalized Health

For a long time it has been believed that a head full of lush, thick hair signifies good health and vitality. The reverse of this condition also holds true, with the loss of hair often being regarded as a sign of poor health in an individual. While this does not always hold true, there are a number of different causes that can lead to thinning and balding of the areas on the scalp. A number of factors come into play,as you will find when searching for a solution to stimulate hair growth.

stimulate hair growth

What Causes Hair Loss?
Before getting started, it is important to get a clear idea of why hair loss takes place in the first place. For long, it has been believed that most cases of hair loss have been related directly to the world of genetics. People with a history of baldness running in their family are likely to suffer from the same condition sooner or later. However, research has also shown that in most modern scenarios the cause is associated to stressful lives, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits, all of which combine to create hormonal imbalances.
In the event that a hormonal imbalance takes place in our body, too many hormones of a particular kind tend to get produced while there is less than sufficient production of the other kind. Hair loss is usually linked to excessive production of testosterone which combines with alpha-5 reductase and results in formation of dihydrotestosterone. Also known as DHT, this is the primary culprit that inhibits the ability of the body to stimulate hair growth and causes baldness in both men and women.

Help Hair Grow Back with These Methods

There could be a number of reasons why the human hair may find it difficult to grow back. This is not necessarily a problem, as with the help of a number of innovative and creative solutions, hair growth can once again be stimulated. There are numerous courses of action for people to take. One does not need to resort to extreme measures in order to stimulate hair growth.

A Daily Intake of Vitamins

It has often been observed that people are not serious enough about their nutrition. This continues till a moment comes when they encounter a problem and are forced to get serious about their nutrition. Proper nutrition is often a major stimulant of proper hair growth. A daily dose of multivitamin can serve as insurancethat bad nutrition is not the cause for hair loss.
Taking a daily dose of multivitamin has often been found to be the final push that prompts the hair follicles to come out of hiding and grow.

Professionals also highlight the need of a certain nutrient that can help stimulate hair growth and this can be fulfilled by the daily consumption of multivitamins. Once the technique starts to produce desirable results it would be advisable to zero in on the nutrients that are behind causing stimulation to the growth of hair.

Using Various Oils for a Massage
Massaging the scalp and hair with a variety of oils can help serve as a stimulant for hair growth. Olive oil, coconut oil, and emu oil are some of the products that can be used for the purpose and can be picked up from almost any store dealing in health food products. There are a number of other oils that can serve the purpose but it is better to go for an upgrade only when using one of the three oils mentioned over here starts to produce results.

Herbs to Help Stimulate Hair Growth
Green tea can be helpful in reversing the conditions of baldness in both women and men. It contains compounds that prevent DHT production which is the chemical responsible for leading to the loss of hair follicles. Rosemary and saw palmetto can have a similar effect in helping to stimulate hair growth.

Have a Scalp Massage
A scalp massage is another effective measure that can help enhance the growth of hair on an individual’s head as it improves blood flow to the scalp. As blood flows to the scalp it also carries minerals and vitamins with it. Consequently, a healthy blood supply helps provide essential nutrients to the hair strands and keeps them in perfect condition.


Use of Various Cosmetic Products
In order to promote hair growth, there are a number of conditioners, shampoos, potions, as well as creams that contain ingredients to help stimulate hair growth. Often drugs have also been found to act as a stimulant though they are usually associated with side effects owing to the content of synthetic chemicals. As a result, people with sensitive scalp and skin won’t find their use to be suitable for bringing about growth of hair on the head. Hair re-bonding technology is another method that can be tried out though it is pretty expensive and can often prove problematic for the person undergoing the procedure. A good amount of time also needs to be spent so that the hair can successfully grow back.

Other Non-Invasive Procedures for Better Hair Growth
Yoga postures, such as headstands and other similar inverted poses, are stimulants for hair growth. They provide increased blood flow for the scalp and promote the growth of hair.
Brushing the hair before going to bed at night is another effective method. It has often been said that brushing the hair can result in damage. However, using the right kind of brush and brushing hair when it’s completely dry can help prevent hair loss.

The hair and scalp also need to be kept clean under all conditions. This helps in clearing up the pores on the hair and helps stimulate hair growth. Also, people who shampoo their hair for longer unknowingly provide more massage to their scalp, and cause better hair growth.
Hair growth stimulant procedures should be started as soon as people notice the strands starting to thin. This will greatly enhance the chances of helping their hairs to grow back. When follicles sit around for too long without any strands, they are rendered incapable of functioning and can lead to a permanent hair loss condition.

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