Braid hairstyles for black women

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Braid Hairstyle For Black Woman

Do you want to give some rest to your hair from different chemicals, regular maintenance, and different colors and style??
Here is the solution!!! BRAIDS
Yes, the braid is the solution for all problem of your hairstyle. Definitely, you are going to face different reactions of people for your new look. So be ready to grab the attention from your surroundings with this hair change.
Are you ready for the new hair style with braids??

Braid hairstyles for black women
Braid hairstyles for black women

Firstly, I would like to tell you that this hairstyle is basically opted by the African American women, even men and children. This hairstyle looks fabulous on them. This is easy to go style, which does not need any chemicals and this style can be maintained easily.

There are different hairstyle itself in the braids. Black women often spend a lot of time in search of a hairstyle that is suitable for them. Depending on their place of residence, the amount of exposure they have to such hairstyles that really suit them varies. There are a number of hairstyles that work especially well for black women but the major problem lies in finding the right choice.

1. Braid Hairstyles are the Best Match for Every Black Woman
There are a lot many braided hairstyles you can see on the internet but here I will introduce you to the most popular and easy to braid and not much time-consuming. So, here is the list from which you can choose any of them which you think suits you:
A. Box Braids: Box braids are the simplest one. Firstly, part the hair into different boxes and then this small section of hair is divided into three sections and make a braid from that three section (one over the other). They are not attached to the scalp and they can be converting into many different hairstyles.

You can make buns, ponytails, and lot more from these braids. Once it’s finished it looks awesome. You can give any look to them formal, casual or party wear.
You can make these box braids of any width or length of your choice, and can also use synthetic hair to give length and thickness.

B. Ghana Braids: They are also known as cornrow or pencil braids. They are very popular in African countries and African-American women. These are braided back to the head and left loose around the neck. They look stylist and versatile. These braids can be in different patterns and combinations. These are long lasting braids for several weeks or even months. You can also make the ponytails and buns from the loose braids around the neck.

C. Crochet Braids: So, here are the beautiful curls for short and long hairs and it is a style which was very famous in 90’s. Crochet braids are hair extensions that are crochet into our own hair. Here firstly the box braids or Ghana braids are made and then you open that’s braids and that is called crochet braids. You can apply some gel or moisturizer softly to the curly hairs to give them a wet look and to maintain the curl for more time.

2. How to get a Braided Hairstyle:

Braid hairstyles for black women are extremely popular among movie stars, sportsmen, hip-hop artists, as well as singers. This is what they consider to be the ‘in-thing’ and is the latest trend dominating the fashion industry. The modern and cool look is what appeals to the young generation. A braided hairstyle is suitable for one and all, and it is not uncommon to find men sporting the same alongside women in a number of hip-and-happening areas.

Braid hairstyles that had its origin among the various African clans and tribes are also easy to maintain which further contributes to the popularity among the younger crowd. Even certain Indian tribes such as the ascetics are known to have affection towards the braids. This hairstyle takes a good amount of time to be made and can range anywhere between a few minute to a couple of hours.

It takes extensive preparation to create braid hairstyles for black women. In the normal braiding procedure, the hair has to be thoroughly washed and then dry-cleaned. Since the hair strands tend to be stiff, they are smoothened out before the braiding can be applied.

Braid hairstyle for women
Braid hairstyle for women

The process starts by separating the hair into three parts. Hair strands in each of the three parts are then tightened up with the help of a special kind of tool. The main objective is to ensure application of equal force on every hair part resulting in a good braided look. It is important to ensure that the flatness of the hair surface is maintained though this can prove extremely difficult since the hair tends to get entangled while creating the various braid hairstyles.

The finishing on braid hairstyles for black women can vary. Women could go for either twisted or loose ends with the former being turned into chignons or buns. For a more personal touch, the style can be enhanced with bands, colored strings, pearls, beads, as well as flowers. With some amount of creative thinking, the braiding can be done on more than three sections of the hair.

Micro hair braiding is another procedure that can be implemented for creating braid hairstyles. It involves the use of fiber attachments to the hair and is completed through complicated hair weaving. The hair is woven to form braids of considerably thin diameters. Extreme attention and care is necessary for this type of braiding which is popular among many women because of its ease of maintenance. The style also provides enough room for the hair to grow back faster.

Cornrow is one type of braid hairstyles for black women that implement the micro hair braiding process.  Though it is safe, getting a cornrow can be pretty painful. Professional hair stylists can ensure that women get a painless cornrow through micro hair braiding.

3. Can Braid Hairstyles Cause Balding??

It is difficult to pinpoint hair braiding as a direct cause for hair loss in women, especially under conditions where braid styles are suggested to women who wish to improve the volume and growth of their hair. Poor implementation of braid hairstyles for black women can cause a condition known as traction alopecia which results in significant hair loss in women. Though it can be countered by proper consultation, many women skip this step and only worsen the condition on their own.

Then again, using high-quality installations can ensure that women get to wear their preferred hairstyle without compromising on the overall quality of their hair. Making the right choice and demanding proper care is something that can be put down to self-education – or lack of it. This is one lesson that nobody would want to learn through experience.

At the end I would like to say that if you could be planning on embarking on a major change in life or looking for something that commemorates the change, or it could be just a matter of spicing up the old style – at the end of the day, you must remember that it is your own hair! It is important that you do all that it takes to ensure you feel beautiful and comfortable in the hairstyle that you sport, else the wrong choices can add up to make a mess of your well thought of style!

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