Deep conditioning natural hair

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Deep Conditioning Is What Your Natural Hair Needs To Stay In Prime Condition
Do you have a difficult time managing your natural hair? You could be making the transition from relaxed to natural hair, or you may have worn your hair free from chemicals all along but the battle for keeping your hair looking natural and healthy is a seemingly endless one! Dryness happens to be one of the most popular complaints. Natural hair should be maintained with constant moisturizing so that it remains balanced. Frequent breakage and damage are among the other issues that can arise due to hair coloring, constant heat usage and flat ironing, and excess exposure to the sun.

Styling your hair may seem like a very easy thing to do but is a whole lot more difficult than many realize. Leaving the heat on is not always the answer to beautiful and stylish hair. While flat ironing and curling is okay when done in moderation, overdoing them can cause damage to the hair. Nevertheless there are heat-less styles that can be done such as braids and dreadlocks that can contribute to stylish curls.

Deep conditioning natural hair

What does it Take to get Long, Healthy, and Beautiful Hair?
The secret to obtaining long and healthy hair does not have much to do with the serums, heat protections, or leave-in products that are frequently used with the aim of achieving this goal. It is the small matter of deep conditioning natural hair that matters. This is one of the biggest factors that can help turn the condition of your hair around so that you can achieve those glitzy strands that you had always dreamt of.


A Blank Canvas that’s Cracked, Dry, and Worn
You can apply as much paint as you want (or in this case hair care products) to your canvas but if you are not getting the foundations fixed up, the cracks and splits will continue to be visible even from underneath the paint. To put things into perspective here ladies, deep conditioning natural hair is key to ensuring that your hair comes into a healthy state and looks just the way you want it to be. If you have done nothing about deep conditioning natural hair, or you have not done it the way it is meant to be done then you will end up with hair that looks something like a frizz ball that is brittle, extensively dry, unhealthy, and also damaged with tons of breakage around it.

How Can You Tell Whether You’re Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Properly?
Does your hair take on a buttery feel once the deep conditioning session is over and the deep conditioner has been rinsed out? Do you get your hair moisturized to the extent that you don’t have to add moisturizers to it for a few days after deep conditioning? If so, then you are in a big stroke of luck! This is an indication that you have found yourself the proper products for deep conditioning natural hair and are also making use of the correct conditioning techniques. However, if this is not the case then you the following lines will be helpful.


If your hair does not have the silky smooth after deep conditioning, there is nothing for you to worry about. Every hair type is unique and has its own individual needs. Just because you have read somewhere that deep conditioning can be done in fifteen to thirty minutes does not mean that it will be applicable for your hair as well. Deep conditioning natural hair should effectively be carried out till the moment your hair gives you the signal that it has had its fill of moisture.

You should look upon the moisture needs of your hair in terms of hunger. There are instances when our body tends to feel hungrier than on other occasions, especially after we have exercised, skipped a couple of meals, or had a highly fibrous meal. The hunger we experience is not the same as the amount of food that is needed by our body. This same holds true for our hair as far as its moisture needs are concerned.
If you had been using the hair dryer a little too much over the last week or the frizzy weather prompted you to use the flat iron more than was necessary, every situation should be addressed differently when the matter of deep conditioning natural hair has to be taken into account.


Choosing the Right Products

One of the most important steps in the process of deep conditioning is making the right choice of both the hair product and its type. When you read the label if you find it mentioned that you should leave the product on for around three to five minutes before rinsing off, take note that this is not a deep conditioner but a rinse-out conditioner. A true deep conditioner will direct you to leave it on for around fifteen to twenty minutes before it has to be rinsed off. There should also be extra moisturizing capabilities in the product while you should also remember that natural ingredients are the best bet!


Methods for Deep Conditioning
Deep conditioning natural hair should ideally be done by two methods:

  • The direct heat method: Use direct heat with the help of a heat cap or hooded drier on either your wet or dry hair and apply a plastic cap till your hair starts to feel moisturized
  • The not-so-direct heat method: The non-heat method where you make use of the heat of your body. Apply deep conditioner to the roots of your dry hair, put on a plastic cap and wrap your hair before going to bed. Next morning, shampoo your hair. Sleeping in this condition causes the heat from the scalps to moisturize your hair under the plastic cap. This is a recommended method for those who don’t wish to spend time under a noisy hair dryer


Irrespective of the type of hair that you possess, you are going to experience dryness and damage. Deep conditioning natural hair is the best solution for you to keep the condition under control. Hair should always be trimmed because the origin of healthy hair is its roots and the scalp, so you would be wrong to make any discrimination here!



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