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How a Certain Shampoo Can Become Your Solution for Tackling Grey Hair

It is a common belief that when you pluck one grey hair, two more grow out! However, this is far from the truth which also has nothing to do with the statement that trauma or stress is the biggest cause for grey hair. By the time people turn fifty, they are blessed with a generous spread of beautiful grey locks on their head. What is the reason behind this condition?

Shampoo for Grey Hair
Shampoo for Grey Hair
What Causes Grey Hair?

Hair actually starts off as white and is given its color by the melanin pigment produced by cells in the hair follicles. More the melanin content, darker is the hair and vice versa. In younger people, melanocyte cells continue performing their task and give color to the hair. However, overtime they stop functioning and consequently the pigment production also stops thus leading to a breakout of grey hair. Graying is usually observed around the temples to start with before slowly moving from the front out towards the back.

Though genetics is the biggest factor that determines the time when greying starts, there are a number of other factors that also have an effect. A common issue is the deficiency of Vitamin B12 and Omega 3s in individuals in a condition referred to as pernicious anemia. Vitamin B12 is responsible for the production of healthy red-blood cells in the body and in the instance of their deficiency hair follicles do not get the much-needed oxygen-rich blood. This condition can be avoided by maintaining Vitamin B12 and Omega 3-rich foods in the diet plan. Shellfish, eggs, and cheese contain these vital nutrients.
An underactive or overactive thyroid gland can also cause premature greying of hair as the thyroid gland hinders the smooth functioning of the melanocytes. Smoking of tobacco products has also been regarded as a contributing factor with smokers four times more likely to experience premature greying than non-smokers.

It is also believed that a life in politics or gaining wisdom is indicated by the greying of a person’s hair, although this is far from the truth in all circumstances!

How can Shampoo Help Tackle Grey Hair?

You may have a generous spread of grey hair on your head but that does not mean your choice of shampoo is inconsequential. When hair starts to grey, it should be taken as a sign that special treatment is required since the vital pigment producing nutrients are no longer in their prime of health and their condition has started to wane.

Grey hair is usually dry so your ideal shampoo for grey hair should be something that not only brings the moisture content back to the hair but also replenishes the vital nutrients that it had been lacking for so long. A number of shampoos can be found that help in the treatment of oily, brittle, dry, as well as thinning hair but it is hard to find a product that is regarded as an effective shampoo for grey hair.


If your idea of such a shampoo is one that is going to restore the natural color on your head or darken it to at least a certain degree, then you should have a very specific kind of shampoo for grey hair. You would be ill advised to opt for a shampoo that promises to restore the natural color to your hair in as little as a couple of washes. This is usually indicative of the fact there is a high content of dye in the product and it won’t do anything to improve the overall condition of your hair. For most people, the choice is a shampoo that gradually changes its color so that it is not immediately obvious or noticeable.
As it has been mentioned, a lack of Vitamin B12 and Omega 3 is the biggest cause for grey hair. When you apply a shampoo for grey hair on your head, it penetrates deep into the hair follicle and delivers an unprecedented level of nutrients so that the hair follicles are maintained in their original color. They often contain a type of oil that is known as follicle awakener which has been used by a large section of the aged society to prevent onset of greying.


Key Ingredients in a Shampoo for Grey Hair

A new study has found that greying of hair may also be caused due to a depletion of the Catalase enzyme. This helps in naturally breaking down the hydrogen peroxide content in the body and bleaches the melanin pigment, leading to greying of hair. The best shampoo for grey hair contains a super-rich concentration of the Catalase enzyme that reverses the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide in the body. It also has a combination of mineral, plant, and herbal additives that bring luster and volume to the hair. Some of the other ingredients that should be present are as follows:

  • Vitamin B6: It increases the metabolic rate and helps in maintaining a healthy skin as well as muscle tone
  • Folic acid: A key vitamin, it aids in cell repair and enhanced cellular functions
  • Saw palmetto: This is a popular herb that is used against prostate enlargement
  • Pantothenic acid: It helps in keeping the skin healthy and is crucial in preventing discoloration of the hair pigments
  • Chlorophyll: This ingredient possesses healing nutrients that can revive the oxygen content in the body and produce optimum health
  • Nettle root extract: It can stop hair loss and also aids in regrowth of the hair

A shampoo specialized for the treatment of grey hair can be a natural alternative to a number of messy, chemical ridden products that can help restore the natural hair color.

It is inevitable that our hair will turn grey for it is a rather unfortunate process involved in the life of almost every human being. A shampoo for grey hair can aid in slowing down the greying process and also cause a reversal of the same in certain instances. Numerous other remedies may also be implemented in reviving the melanin pigment production which is primarily responsible for maintaining the natural color of our hairs.



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