Hair highlight ideas

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Hair Highlight Ideas

Highlighting the hair is something that has become extremely popular amongst women. It is not only because they look good on almost every single female but also because these styles never seemingly go out of trend. Highlights are the way to change the color of your hair strand using lightener or hair color. Regardless of the cut, length or hairstyle that you may have adopted these hair highlight ideas help to brighten up your face. It gives volume to your hair, give you a more young and polished look, and increase your confidence in the process.


For any women, their natural hair color tends to look flat and there is also the minor problem of grey hair starting to pop up as you age. All of these factors come together to make hair highlight ideas extremely popular among women of all ages.
So here I will share with you some techniques of hair highlight, so that you can choose one of them for yourself. Before we begin, I would like to introduce you with low-light, you should be aware of it in case you need the know how they are different than highlights.

Difference between highlights and low-lights

Highlight and low-light both are the techniques of adding different shades to hair strands. Highlights are applied to lighten the color of hair whereas low-lights are applied to darken the natural hair color. So, basically highlight suits on the people who already have the dark and thick hair. Low-lights suits on the hair strand which are lighter than the natural hair.

Types of hair highlights

Hair highlight uses both natural and unnatural colors. Here are the different types of highlights:
Natural Thin Highlights: This is the simplest way of highlights so that your hair strands gives a natural look. You can apply the highlight at home too. In this the thin strips near the face section are dyed. So you can buy a highlighter from the market of your choice and can do it yourself at home.

Chunking: It is also known for the fresh and bold look. When your hair texture is thick and coarse, you can choose chunky highlights. Here some section of streaks is taken and is highlighted with shades (natural and unnatural color) which are lighter than the base hair color.

Foil Highlights: As the name sounds foil is used to separate the strands which are lightened from the strands which have natural color. In this, hair strands are weaved and then lightener is applied.
You can choose any color for this process and your hair stylist can tell you regarding the suited ones.

Peek-a-Boo Highlights: It is a new highlighting method and you will get more than what you expect. Yes, this is the method which does not need bleach. It is just a free hand painting on your hair. You can utilize this type of highlighting with the regular highlighting color that is a couple of shades lighter or an extreme light. You can see only two of color peeking out from beneath your the strands.



Hair highlight ideas can also involve the use of two different colors, either in the same shade or in contrasting shades. You could cover the upper half with one shade while using a different color on the lower half. Shades of a blonde or a gold look would be suitable during the summer months. Frosted colors are another option as they can bring a touch of glamour to your hairstyle. And in case you are keen on some experimentation, use of unnatural and funky colors such as purple, pink, and blue would be a good place to start.

What hair highlights actually mean to the modern society

A cool highlight of the hair may be a good idea to change your boring and conservative looks. They are a means of expressing their creativity for many modern women while they can enjoy a richer and more vibrant hair color in the bargain.

Doing a hair highlight becomes the order of the day especially when women are preparing for a social event, party or wedding. In fact, you may notice such changes even following a new job or a breakup! Irrespective of the reason behind the change, there are a large number of hair highlight ideas that the modern woman can choose from.

Highlight Your Hair to Suit Your Unique Style

Women who are still catching up with the trend of hair highlights may find it difficult to choose a look that is cool and trendy but suits their personal style. If you are looking for just a small change, go for a subtle highlight that can add a touch of warmth to your present hairstyle. For example, if you are a natural blonde then you can try adding in a few more shades of blonde to give your hair some additional dimension and depth.

It is not necessary to highlight hair all over the head in order to get a unique look. A single chunk of hair at the crown or a color added to the frame of the face and bangs can give a sultry look. Extreme color choices may be necessary if you are really keen on making people’s heads turn.

Teenagers who wish to be creative can opt for whites, blues, purples, pinks, or bright green shades. The edgiest of all hair highlight ideas involve the addition of horizontal color stripes rather than vertical ones. If you are a teenager who wants a completely new and original style, then this is one for you to really appreciate.

Highlighting tiny strands of hair in warm tones of bronze, golden, copper, or mahogany can help women maintain their professional image while looking elegant and cool.
The coolest hair highlight ideas are usually the very bold and dramatic ones. Rather than creating highlights on small chunks of hair, the popular trend involves application of multi-tonal highlights all over the head. These combine to add multiple shades of blondes and reds in warm and cool colors. That create an overall beautiful look.

For an instant unforgettable look, it would be better to go with low-lights. They add darker swatches of hair to a lighter hair color to create a remarkable contrasting effect. Women with naturally black hair can add in red shades along the undersides to get a more dynamic look.

Hair Highlight Ideas

Advice for you:

The crucial aspect of finding cool highlights is to keep your eyes open. Female celebrities and magazines usually make for great places of inspiration. They have the best hair colorists in the business. They are often behind kicking off the latest hairstyle and hair highlight trends. A professional hair colorist also ensures that the health of your hair is important and styling does not affect hair in any way whatsoever.