Hair Style : Black hair updos

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Hairstyle: Black Hair Updos

Black Hair Updos is the hairstyle which have an arrangement of hair in such a way so that they points up. It can be in the form of ponytails or buns which are in upward position.
These hairstyles are specially for the special occasions like wedding and parties. These are the hairstyles which will give you the confidence.

1. What You Need to Create Perfect Hair Updos and Set Yourself Apart From the Masses

Edna Woolman Chase is often regarded as the best-dressed woman in the world. In the words of this lady, “Fashion can be bought, style one must possess.” There could not have been a better phrase that aptly describes the world of style and fashion.

Hair is one of the most critical parts taken into account by those who dabble around in the world of style and fashion. It is not your shoes, clothes, or the make-up but believes it or not it is actually the hair! A woman’s make-up could be the nicest thing around, her clothes and shoes could be the prettiest things you have ever set your eyes upon, but all of these things don’t quite add up if she has not done her hair right.

Black Hair Updos
Black Hair Updos

Hairstyle trends come and go just as in any other piece of fashion but hairstyles have their very own advantage to boot. They can be worn anytime, anywhere, as long as you look good in that particular hairstyle. It also allows you enough freedom such that you can modify it and incorporate your own individual style without making a big fuss of things. Try the same things with your clothes and you are more likely to look totally outdated and out of place.

2. Various Hair Updos that You Can Try

a) BOUFFANT: When we are talking about black hair updos, the bouffant is something that must be included at all costs. Generally speaking, this is just another hairstyle that has a high pile up of the hair on top of the head while some strands are allowed to hang down along the sides. This is one of the more classic natural black hair updo that grew in popularity during the 1960s.Reports and other documentation suggest that in the European civilization of the 18th century, many famous female personalities patronized this style, including the likes of Mary Antoinette.

Today, the bouffant has grown into one of the more formal hair styles in use. The big hair fashion that had first come into prominence in 1965 is now regarded as a vintage look that exudes elegance. Women who have very fine hair can create the optical illusion of greater hair volume by using natural black hair updos. These are also beneficial in creating an illusion of a smaller and longer face, something that is a dream for seemingly every woman.

Just as all traditional things have evolved into something else, the bouffant hair styles have also evolved into a new style that is popularly referred to as the Beehive. The birth of the beehive was to meet the demands of the younger generation who wanted something different for themselves and considered the bouffant to a symbolic representation of the bygone era. Moreover, there was the concern of having to use large volumes of hairspray for holding the hair updo in place. Then there were the theater-goers who would often complain about having to sit behind a woman who would do up her hair in a very high style – far from an appealing prospect! Thus, a new hairstyle had to be introduced.

Black Hair Updos gallery
Black Hair Updos gallery

b) BEEHIVE: The beehive hair updos style gives a longer look to the face, thus carving out an impression of it being slimmer. At the same time, it projects a very glamorous and classy image of itself. This image was further brought into prominence by Audrey Hepburn through her character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a momentous occasion in the world of Hollywood and fashion as it immortalized the classic elegance portrayed by her little black dress. The beehive black hair updos continue to thrive in the fashion scene with modern actresses such as Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes sporting them on the red carpet. Though this style is not the ideal choice for a casual dinner date or a trip to the mall, it still stands as an epitome of elegance and class when you wear them to formal events.

The beehive can also be adopted by those with medium hair, though you cannot go any shorter than shoulder-length hair which is a perfect addition for hairstyles that should be kept to a medium length. However, since everything about this hairstyle points towards being sleek it would be recommended that you put a nice French twist to the base keep everything in place with the application of a hairspray. Unlike what the previous generations faced, you don’t have to be stressed out while trying out these hair updos.

c) BUN Hairstyle: This hairstyle never go out of fashion, it moves with time from year to year, we can also name it as an evergreen hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the hair is pulled to the top of head or back of face or above the neck and wrapped in the circular coil around themselves. You can also make plait of hair and then coil them in the circular motion.

Today’s buns are mostly used as a professional look. These can be made tight or loose, depends on the personal choice.

3. Sporting Headbands and Clips to Enhance Your Hairstyle

Headbands make for nice add-on to help enhance your hair updos. Wide headbands have a retro feel about them while the thinner ones can be paired up and used to create a more modern reflection of hair updos and hairstyles.

Hair clips are also essential for ensuring that you get your hair updos just the way you want them to be. Your choice of hair clip could be something simple or decorative and elaborate. You could also opt for something that matches your hair color and is not conspicuous, making it a fashion statement in itself.

Hair Updo
Hair Updo

If you have brown or chestnut colored hair, a plain barrette style clip will work wonderfully well and maintain a simple, stylish, and elegant look to your hair. A flower hair clip can be your answer to a fashionable look. These clips can be worn in a number of different ways – either as a single large flower corsage clip or as a multitude of clips with small flowers that have contrasting or matching designs and colors. There could also be individual petals and beaded centers made of feathers or a mesh fabric.
 Jewelled hair clips are another option to help keep your hair in place while adding to the overall style quotient.

Women with hair that is not long enough for setting into updos can try using clips and hair extensions to create wavy, sexy, stylish bangs. For those who are blessed with long, natural locks they can simply take a look at the hair updos that will suit them and get down to styling their hair in the appropriate manner.

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