Shampoo brands

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Shampoo Brands

In today’s life shampoo is a part of daily routine and hygiene. It cleans your scalp, remove the dirt and pollution from hair and give the healthy and shiny hair. Best shampoo never make your hair dry, rough instead they have the power to transform your hair. Here, I will share the top 10 listed shampoo brands and they give the best results for different reasons as per personal use equipped with market research. Though below list contains chemical based shampoos, which have their own demerits also.

Top 10 listed brands of shampoo:
1. T/Gel: Jonhson & Johnson
2. Kerastase: L’ Oreal Group
3. Neutrogena: Jonhson & Johnson
4. Herbal Essence: Procter & Gamble
5. Garnier: L’ Oreal Group
6. Suave: Uniliver
7. Pantene : Procter & Gamble
8. Nexxus: Alberto-Culver
9. Sunsilk: Unilever
10. Head & Shoulders: Procter & Gamble

The Major Problem with Most Commercial Shampoos

Most of the major shampoo brands make use of sulfates. These are chemicals that can be produced cheap, procured with ease, and are extremely effective when it comes to dissolving dirt and oil. Sulfates are responsible for creating the foamy suds on the head that most people wrongly interpret as a sign of cleaning.


Different-Shampoo Brands


When studies were conducted and the commonly used sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) tested on animals, it revealed effects in moderate doses on the brain and nervous systems of the test subjects. SLS is the sulfur-based ingredient that is used in most shampoo brands. The studies also found that SLS has a disruptive effect on the human hormones, increases the susceptibility to cancer, and also damages the human reproductive system.

How Harmful is SLS for the Body?

At some point of time or the other, every person has had the experience of getting shampoo in their eyes which do not make for a very pleasant experience. This is due to the irritating effect of the SLS compound. If the shampoo gets inside the mouth, it causes irritation to the lungs.

Anything cosmetic that is worn on the human body gets absorbed inside in a matter of twenty seconds. So each time the hair is washed with shampoo brands purchased from the salon or drugstore, the sulfur drives down to the central nervous system and the organs. Anything that is not absorbed by the body washes down the drain into the lakes and rivers, eventually wreaking chaos on the aquatic ecosystem and environment. Butterfly effect indeed.

Alternatives of Commercial Shampoo: Natural Shampoo

Most people have started opting for a choice of natural shampoo brands even though the cost is considerably more when compared to the commercial brands. Nevertheless, paying that extra amount of money is worthwhile for the people. Natural shampoos act as a stimulant to hair growth and help people to have natural hair and healthy scalp. Finding a natural shampoo product does not require a great deal of effort with large number of online retail sites being well stocked with them.
However, it can be challenging to make the right choice with such a large number of brands to choose from. Often people tend to decide based on the cost and buy the ones that are cheapest. It is important to remember that a shampoo should not be bought based on its market price.

Things to Consider when Looking for a Natural Shampoo Brand

A number of things need to be taken into consideration while choosing from the best of natural shampoo brands.
The first thing to note is your hair type. The hair type of a particular individual helps in determining the type of shampoo that they should ideally use.

It would be advisable to make a careful check of the shampoo bottle before making the eventual purchase. A number of natural shampoos are made exclusively for those people who have oily hair while some are exclusively for use on damaged hair. Then there are other natural shampoo products that have been specially crafted for those individuals with dry hair. Those who have dyed their hair should choose a product that is meant for catering to the needs of dyed hair.


Before making the purchase of a natural shampoo, it is essential to take a look at the ingredients of what is contained inside the bottle. Some shampoo brands contain special oils, nutrients, or minerals that are advertised across the bottle. The ingredients are shown on every shampoo bottle and these are the things that the consumers need to go through very carefully before making their purchase.

There are certain natural shampoos that often contain the chemicals sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, diethanolamine, as well as propylene glycol. All of these are classified as toxic and should not ideally be contained in the bottle of shampoo that is being purchased.

Instead, glucosides and glycerin are highly effective natural alternatives to the SLS that people need to be aware of. They are also great for use on the human hair. Glycerin obtained from vegetable oils and animal derivatives, as well as glucosides taken from the sugar cane plant, are both thick, colorless liquids. Coco glucoside is an extract from fruit sugar while coconut oil is a popular additive found in a number of skin care products. They are highly effective in dealing with and treating problematic skin conditions.

Things in shampoo that you should avoid while purchasing the shampoo:
Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
Mureth Sulfate
Olefin Sulfonate
Propylene Glycol

What Makes the Best Natural Shampoo the Best?

The first criterion for a shampoo to be considered natural is that it should have a content of completely natural ingredients. Some of the prominent ingredients of a natural shampoo that consumers should be on the lookout for are natural peppermint oil, sorbic acid, grapefruit seed extracts, comfrey, a botanical extract of chamomile, citric acid, as well as red clover.

The shampoo not only gets in touch with the human hair but also with the human skin which is why it is important to check if the ingredients used in the product are wholesome.
Most people are not aware that shampoo brands alone do not determine the price of the product. The store where it is being sold also has a say in this regard.
Purchasing this product online usually allows a shampoo to be obtained for a nominal price. A number of commercial brands often create a honey-trap for consumers by advertising their products as organic and natural. People need to be wary of these false, misleading promotions and steer clear of such products if they wish to maintain their health.

List of Natural shampoo brands present in the market:

Herbal Amla (Gooseberry) Shampoo
Herbal Shikakai Shampoo
Herbal Reetha (Soapnuts) Shampoo
Aloe Vera Herbal Conditioning Shampoo

Advice to you while deciding best shampoo:

To put things into perspective, people who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin should effectively stay away from sulfates and sulfate-based products. A sulfate-free shampoo is gentle on the scalp and does not result in any kind of irritation unless the individual is allergic to any of the other ingredients in the product. Any person who wishes to have a healthy hair must ensure good care for it and invest in the right kind of shampoo brands.